Get your wellies on and WALK to school!



Starting this November pupils will be participating in WoW Scotland (Walk Once a Week). WoW Scotland is a termly incentive scheme encouraging primary school children and their families to walk to school.  Children walking at least once a week record their journeys and are rewarded monthly with a collectable WoW badge.  There are 2 badges to collect throughout this term.

Pupils can participate by walking all or part of the way to school.  If you or your child has a disability that prevents you from walking to school please speak to your class teacher about other ways in which they can take part.

If you need to use the car to get to school consider parking further away and walking for the remainder of your journey (Park and Stride).  Park and Stride will count as an active journey to school and will add towards the monthly total for a badge.  We would recommend that the walk is no less than 5 minutes to be counted as Park and Stride.

If your child travels regularly by bus please speak to the school about ways for them to participate.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey to school and thanks for supporting this very good cause!


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