It’s Party Time

P4 will be having their party on Tuesday 17th Decemebr and we have managed to sort out who will bring what to the party :-). Please see the list below in case the message didn’t get home:

– Family size bag of crisps/crackers that can be shared on the day (eg a tub of pringles) – Clara, Duncan, Emily

– One bottle of diluting juice – Eva, Sarah

– One bag of mini treat sized chocolate bars/gummed sweets – Harriet, Lisa

-One bunch of grapes – Mya, Milena

– One bag of satsumas – Jake H

– One bag of carrot sticks – Besrat, Emily

– One tub of party sausages – Mac

– One pack of cupcakes/cake bars- William, Forbes

– Plastic Cups x 12 – Scott

– One bag of balloons – Annabelle, Jake C

Please bring any food/drinks to the class teacher and NOT the office!


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