UNICEF Day for Change

Next Friday is UNICEF Day for Change and P4M are in charge of planning and delivering the day in school. We will be holding an assembly on Wednesday 5th February and you will receive a letter about that tomorrow. On Friday the 7th February we will be holding a Pyjama Day for the suggested donation of £1. There will be sweets and cakes for sale as well as some competitions.

We hope that we can raise lots of money to help this worthy cause! 


2 thoughts on “UNICEF Day for Change

  1. Jake has been hugely motivated by the ‘UNICEF Day For Change’ discussions and activities. With his brother they have jointly decided to donate their sweetie box for sale next Friday to help UNICEF (children of the world) with education and schooling opportunities.

    As part of this Jake has put together a ‘Guess how many sweeties in the jar?’ and brought in a (huge) box of sweets for sale which I trust will now safely be with you, Miss McNee!!! For your information the answer to how many sweets are in the jar is written on the underside of the ‘angry bird’ taped to the lid, and only I know it.

    Even though the idea was entirely their own, I am more than delighted that they have decided to share the loot!** Have fun all…..more to come in after the weekend. Julie

    • Hi Julie,

      That is great to hear that Jake is enjoying the discussions and activities. I am delighted to hear what Jake and Max have decided to do – how very responsible! I wasn’t actually in school today but I am sure that it has been kept safe and I will catch up with Jake about it tomorrow. Thank you very much, I am looking forward to the day and seeing all the hard work that the children have put in come to life!

      Thanks again,

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