World Book Day Competition

P2 are hosting a competition to design a bookmark for World Book Day. There will be no template for the competition so be creative! If you need some paper then please ask and we will happily provide you with some.

All entries must be handed in by Friday 7th March. 

Don’t forget to dress up as a book character on Thursday 6th March to celebrate World Book Day. I can’t wait to see everyone in their costume!


Fairtrade Tuckshop

Monday 3rd March – P.4-7 only
At the Crown Creations Corner (old janitor office) at break time only.
Tuesday 4th March – P.1-3 only
At the Crown Creations Corner (old janitor office) at break time only.
We will be selling a variety of Fairtrade snacks and prices will be up to £1.
Thank you!
The Fairtrade Group.

Dastardly Dissolving…

I can make and test predictions about the dissolving of solids. I can link this to everyday life. 

This week, we have been learning about dissolving. We have learnt what soluble and insoluble means and we are beginning to understand what it means if a solution is saturated. Why don’t you ask us what these words mean?

In pairs or trios, we had to make predictions about whether or not various solids will dissolve in hot water and cold water. Then, we had to conduct an experiment to test our predictions. Afterwards, we talked about why some of us might have different results from others and started to use the word variables. Leave a comment below and tell me one of the reasons why some of us might have had different results. 

We have also been talking about dissolving in everyday life and are in the process of completing some work on that… more details to follow.

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Home Learning

It’ all change with Reading and Spelling tasks for home learning.  This is to try and engage the children with reading and spelling practice. They have a choice of activities in the form of a menu and should choose a different activity each week, where possible.

Please note that only those who expressed that they would like a paper copy of the home learning tasks will receive a copy. Everyone else will be expected to access it via the blog. All children will be given the Reading and Spelling Task Menus to stick into their jotter.

Anyone that cannot access the files or has problems with the blog then please get in touch. 

Day for Change reflection by Duncan and Mya

– What was the most important part of the planning process FOR YOU?

When we we’re learning our words and when we made sure that all the items we were selling weren’t too expensive.

What part of the Assembly were you involved in and what did you learn from this?

Duncan was the  narrator and Mya  was one of the speakers.

– What do you know about UNICEF now that you didn’t know before?

That UNICEF stands for United Nations International Childrens Emergency fund, and that not all girls get a chance to go to school because they need to look after the younger children.

– What was your favourite part of the process and why?

Dressing up in pyjamas  to help children around the world and baking the cakes and icing them with Mrs Megson

– How do you feel about the amount of money we raised?

We all feel astonished after all, no-one could ever save up to the amount we raised!

– If we could do it all again, what could we do differently?

Bake more cakes to sell and make sure everybody has a chance to buy something.