7 thoughts on “Due for 20th January

  1. Can I check the home learning sheet which you retrieve from the link above is dated 15 Dec 13 with a return due for 09 Dec 13. Is this current for week due 20 Jan 14, other than the dates or is this an old sheet and the current one is not yet posted?

    • Hi Julie,
      Sorry the confusion with the dates on the homework was my fault. I changed the due date on the paper copy that the kids got home but not on the electronic one. The current homework is the one that says due for 20th January 2014. I have changed the electronic one now.
      With regards to your request for spelling words, as these are individualised we can post up the words for the 3 groups but it would have to be anonymous. So if Jake knows which group he is in then he will know which words are his. Does this sound ok?

      thanks, Miss McNee

      • Yes that is would be fine. I had always understood from Jake that there were different spelling groups, so that would be ok.
        I had actually gone in to retrieve the homework on Tuesday on the off chance that it was posted, as I like to have a handle on what is coming home with both boys in any given week. Our clearest days to do homework are Tuesday, Wednesday, and then again at the weekend. The beauty of having a homework posting online at the start of any given week, is that over the course of the week parents can work with children on the days which best suit their family, for a submission the following Wednesday, so it is fairly spaced out. I do support what you are trying to do. Thanks to you both, Julie

  2. Next request: Is it possible for you to give us a weekly posting of the spelling words on the blog, or alternatively to embed them in the content of the homework sheet? Thanks.

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