Help with Spelling

If you are looking for ways that you can help your child with spelling at home then look no further…. Here are some ideas:

Spelling games that you can play with your child:

Spelling Tennis: You may have seen this one on the television programme ‘Hardspell’. Take it in turns to spell the words back and forth, one letter at a time.

Alphabetical Order: Write out spelling words in alphabetical order. This forces children to look closely at how the words are spelt.

Muddled Up Letters: mix up the letters in the spelling words and see if your child can unscramble the letters to spell the word correctly.

Dictionary Race: Time how long it takes to look up each word in the dictionary.Aim is to beat their time.

Words Within Words: Children try to find words within their spelling words without rearranging any of the letters.

Silly Story : work together to write a silly story that uses all or most of spelling words.

Wordsearch – Use a piece of squared paper to create a wordsearch for your child to find their spelling words. Alternatively, they could make the wordsearch for you.

Interactive Websites: Pupil type in the words they are learning. The site recognises any misspellings and asks them to check and re-enter. Once they have typed in all the words they should click on the “Play a game” button to begin. The pupils can choose whether to be taught how to spell the word or a choice of several games all using their own words! We have used this one in class and they love it! It’s excellent!

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